All articles written by Robert W. Wood (unless otherwise noted)


If You Pay Hush Money, You May Not Be Able To Deduct It On Your Taxes, (May 14, 2024).

Property Won’t Sell? Donate It, Claim Tax Write Off, Skip Capital Gain , (May 14, 2024).

Under Biden Tax Plan, Capital Gains Tax Will Exceed 50% In 11 States, (May 6, 2024).

Tax Return Disclosures Avoid IRS Penalties, Ease Or Prevent Audits, (April 30, 2024).

President Biden Has Proposed Tax Increases. Here Are 6 Of Them, (April 29, 2024).

Tax Lessons From The Trump Hush Money Trial Over Business Records, (April 14, 2024).

Will Putting Your Tax Return On Extension Increase IRS Audit Risk?, (April 12, 2024).

If You Filed Taxes And An Extension, IRS Allows Do-Over Return By Oct. 15, (April 11, 2024).

Some Taxpayers Beat The IRS In Court—Even If They Don’t Have Receipts, (March 31, 2024).

IRS Extends Tax Relief For Hawaii Wildfire Victims To August 7, 2024, (March 27, 2024).

In An IRS Audit, If You Don’t Have Receipts, Here’s A Workaround, (March 22, 2024).

You Are Asked To Sign IRS Form W-9 For Payment, What Are The Stakes?, (March 19, 2024).

Don’t Skip The IRS ‘Yes Or No’ Crypto Tax Question On 2023 Tax Returns, (March 13, 2024).

IRS And California Give San Diego Storm Victims Tax Relief Until June 17, (February 28, 2024).

If Your IRS Form 1099 Is Wrong, Here’s How To Correct It With The Agency, (February 26, 2024).

Why Trump’s $355 Million Civil Fraud Penalty Won’t Be A Simple Tax Write-Off, (February 20, 2024).

Wildfire Legal Settlements In 2020–2025 Could Soon Be Free Of IRS Tax, (February 13, 2024).

Loans Aren’t Taxed By IRS, But Disguised ‘Loans’ Can Be Criminal, (February 9, 2024).

‘Ultimate Tax Plan’ Lawyer Faces Jail Over Fake Charity Tax Write-Offs, (February 5, 2024).

Philly Cheesesteak Restaurant Owners Jailed Over $8 Million Tax Fraud Scheme, (February 2, 2024).

IRS Forms 1099 Arrive With Key Data Impacting Your Taxes—And Audits, (February 1, 2024).

Trump Can Write Off $83.3 Million Verdict, Carroll Pays Tax On 100%, (January 29, 2024).

IRS Is Hunting Bad ERC Tax Refund Claims Criminally, Urging Disclosure, (January 26, 2024).

IRS Warns That Crypto Income And Gains Must Be Reported On Tax Returns, (January 23, 2024).

IRS Extends Tax Deadlines Until June 17 For Connecticut Storm Victims, (January 22, 2024).

Alec Baldwin, Indicted In Shooting Death, Can Write Off His Legal Fees, (January 22, 2024).

California Is Taxing Nonresidents Who Sell Stock And LLC Interests, (January 16, 2024).

Ohtani’s $700 Million Contract Sparks California To Seek Tax Law Change, (January 11, 2024).

Conservation Easement Tax Shelter Promoters Get 23 And 25 Years Prison, (January 9, 2024).

California ‘Tax Break’ Is 14.4% Tax On Earnings, 13.3% On Capital Gain, (January 8, 2024).

California 13.3% Tax Is Now 14.4% In 2024 But Some Say Texans Pay More, (January 3, 2024).


IRS Extends Tennessee Storm & Tornado Victim Taxes To June 17, 2024, (December 22, 2023).

IRS Reveals Voluntary Disclosure Program To Pay Back ERC Tax Credits, (December 21, 2023).

Rudy Giuliani Can Write Off $148 Million Verdict While Plaintiffs Pay Tax On 100%, (December 18, 2023).

Ohtani’s $700 Million LA Dodgers Contract Avoids 14.4% California Tax, (December 14, 2023).

Hunter Biden Criminal Tax Charges Contain Universal Tax Lessons, (December 11, 2023).

IRS Disallows 20,000 ERC Tax Refund Claims As Enforcement Tightens, (December 6, 2023).

Swiss Banque Pictet Admits Conspiring With Americans To Hide Funds, (December 4, 2023).

If You Act Before Year-End, IRS Respects Do-Overs Unwinding Taxes, (November 28, 2023).

California Rakes In $269.3 Million In Cannabis Taxes From Q3 Of 2023, (November 28, 2023).

Most Married Couples File Taxes Jointly With IRS, But Should You?, (November 26, 2023).

Which Trusts Save Taxes, Which Do Not, And Which Are Illegal?, (November 24, 2023).

Tax Opinions Prevent IRS Penalties, And Seven Other Things To Know, (November 6, 2023).

Amending Your Tax Return Isn’t A True Do-Over—Unless You Use This Rule, (October 30, 2023).

California Copies IRS, Extends Oct. 2023 Tax Deadlines To Nov. 2023, (October 17, 2023).

IRS Extends Oct. 2023 Tax Deadlines To Nov. For Most Californians, (October 16, 2023).

IRS Gives Tax Extension To 10/7/24 For Israel Terrorist Attack Impact, (October 13, 2023).

Donate Art, Take Big Tax Deduction? IRS Issues Stern Warning, (October 6, 2023).

IRS Leaker Of IRS Tax Data To The Press Is Charged With Tax Crimes, (September 29, 2023).

IRS Gives Maine & Mass. Taxpayers Hurricane Tax Extension To Feb. 15, (September 26, 2023).

IRS Says Disability Pay Is Taxable Or Tax Free, Here’s How To Tell, (September 18, 2023).

New IRS Form 1099 Crypto Reporting Rules Bring More Taxes, (September 11, 2023).

IRS Gives Idalia Tax Relief & Feb. 15 Filing Date To South Carolina, (September 7, 2023).

IRS Gives Hurricane Idalia Victims Tax Extension To Feb. 15 + Relief, (August 30, 2023).

IRS Exempts Most State Tax Refunds, Some Other Payments From Tax, (August 30, 2023).

IRS Tips On Employee Retention Credit Refunds, ERC Audits & Fraud, (August 23, 2023).

IRS Delays Hawaii Wildfire Victims Tax Filing & Payments To Feb. 15, (August 18, 2023).

Trusts To Avoid California Tax Are Outlawed, Moving Away Still Works, (August 14, 2023).

Florida Lottery Ticket Wins $1.58 Billion, $493.5 Million After Taxes , (August 9, 2023).

IRS Lists Monetized Installment Sales As Abusive Transactions, (August 3, 2023).

Can CPAs Prepare Your Taxes For A Percent Of Your Tax Savings?, (August 1, 2023).

Ticket Wins $1.08B Powerball Jackpot Of $558.1M Cash $351.6M After Tax, (July 20, 2023).

IRS Gives Tax Relief, Extensions To Vermont Flood Victims, (July 13, 2023).

Hunter Biden & Wesley Snipes Both Have Misdemeanor Tax Convictions, (July 13, 2023).

To Leave California Over Taxes, Avoid These 10 Costly Mistakes, (July 8, 2023).

IRS Targets Schemes To Claim ERC Employee Retention Credits, (July 5, 2023).

IRS Gives Extra Time To Californians & Others In Disaster Areas, (June 28, 2023).

Tax Worries? You Don’t Have Attorney Client Privilege With Your Accountant, (June 27, 2023).

IRS Taxes Personal Injury Settlements, Here’s How, (June 23, 2023).

Tenants Settling Legal Disputes With Landlords Face Surprising Taxes, (June 15, 2023).

IRS Tax Lessons From Trump Indictment, (June 12, 2023).

Americans Abroad Must File IRS Taxes, Disclose Accounts & Assets, (May 31, 2023).

Debt Deal Cuts $21 Billion Of IRS $80 Billion, 87,000 New IRS Agents Stay, (May 28, 2023).

IRS Taxes Usually Apply If Your Debt Is Cancelled, Here Are The Exceptions, (May 15, 2023).

Hobby Or Business, Why It Matters To IRS & Your Taxes, (May 8, 2023).

IRS Extends April 18 Tax Deadline To Aug. 15 For Florida Storm Victims, (May 2, 2023).

How Insurance Bad Faith Recoveries Are Taxed, (April 29, 2023).

Fox $787 Million Dominion Settlement Tax Write Off Is No Surprise, (April 20, 2023).

If You Have To Repay Compensation, Will IRS Refund The Taxes?, (April 17, 2023).

How Lawsuit Structured Settlements Work And Are Taxed, (April 10, 2023).

Gwyneth Paltrow’s $1 Ski Trial Win Has A Strange Tax Twist, (April 3, 2023).

Hush Money And Taxes, Five Things To Know, (March 31, 2023).

IRS Gives New York Storm Victims Extension To May 15, Tax Relief, (March 24, 2023).

Fire Victims Wait Years For PG&E & Edison To Settle Then Face IRS Taxes, (March 20, 2023).

Oscars ‘Free’ Gifts Draw $46k Tax Bill From IRS + $16k From California, (March 12, 2023).

IRS Warns Of Employee Retention Credit Claim Fraud, (March 8, 2023).

In Kobe Bryant Crash Settlement, IRS Taxes And Fees Could Take 90%, (March 6, 2023).

Shipwrecked Whiskey May Be Worth $871 Million — And The IRS Taxes It, (March 1, 2023).

IRS Can Audit You For 3 Years & Often Longer, Here’s How To Tell, (February 22, 2023).

Should You ‘Disclose’ On Your Taxes & Will IRS Audit?, (February 21, 2023).

Leaving California Can Cut Your Taxes, But Be Careful, (February 13, 2023).

IRS Says 21 State Rebates—Including California Middle Class Tax Refunds—Are Not Taxable, (February 10, 2023).

When IRS Forms 1099 Are Wrong Or Missing, (February 6, 2023).

IRS Attacks Structured Attorney Fees 28 Years After Losing Key Tax Case, (January 17, 2023).

Fee To Renounce Citizenship To Drop, Reversing 422% Hike, (January 12, 2023).

IRS Extends April 18 Tax Deadline To May 15 For California Storm Victims, (January 10, 2023).

Forms 1099 Impact Your Taxes And IRS Audit Risk, (January 9, 2023).


IRS Delays For A Year Onerous $600 Form 1099-K Reporting Threshold, (December 23, 2022).

Aaron Judge Record Home Run Baseball Sells For $1.5 Million; IRS Collects, (December 21, 2022).

Amber Heard Settles With Johnny Depp, IRS Tax Problems Remain, (December 20, 2022).

Pay IRS Penalties Or Show Reasonable Cause, (December 15, 2022).

Tricks & Traps With IRS Form 1099, (December 12, 2022).

Tax Wise, Should You Get Paid In 2022 Or 2023?, (December 5, 2022).

Gifts Can Be Taxed, Even On Holidays, (November 24, 2022).

IRS Form 1099-NEC Means Extra Taxes, (November 21, 2022).

Seven Reasons To Get A Tax Opinion Before You File With IRS, (November 16, 2022).

Dennis Rodman Tax Case Is About Confidentiality, (November 14, 2022).

$2.04 Billion Powerball Winner Takes Home $628 Million After Taxes, (November 9, 2022).

$50,000 Vs. $2.72 Million: Supreme Court Weighs Steep IRS Penalties On Foreign Bank Accounts, (November 3, 2022).

IRS Extends Filing Date For 2019 & 2020 Tax Returns For COVID Penalty Relief In Disaster Areas, (October 19, 2022).

Worried About Layoffs? Understanding How The IRS Taxes Severance Pay Can Help, (October 17, 2022).

Man Gets Ten Years In Prison For Tax Fraud With PPP Loans & Pro Athletes, (October 5, 2022).

Wildfire Settlements Are Now Tax Free In California & Taxed By IRS, (October 5, 2022).

IRS Extends Tax Deadlines For Hurricane Ian Victims In North Carolina And South Carolina, (October 5, 2022).

This IRS Tax Form Can Cost You 24%, (September 26, 2022).

Tax Collections Are Up 23% As Inflation, Wages And Profits Rise, (September 22, 2022).

Harsh 19 Years Prison For False IRS Tax Returns, (September 19, 2022).

Taxes On $31 Million Kobe Bryant Verdict Make IRS Big Winner, (August 30, 2022).

IRS Cancels Millions Of Penalties And Will Issue Refunds To Taxpayers Who Already Paid Them, (August 25, 2022).

Three Tax Mistakes You Might Make Daily, (August 24, 2022).

Charlie Sheen Beats IRS, Slashes $7M Tax Bill To $3.3M, (August 19, 2022).

Amid Trump Passport Flap, Here’s How To Keep IRS From Taking Yours, (August 16, 2022).

Alex Jones Gets $49.3M Tax Write Off, Plaintiffs Have To Pay IRS Tax On Verdict, (August 9, 2022).

The Inflation Reduction Act Unleashes A Tougher IRS, (August 8, 2022).

IRS Extends Tax Return Due Dates For Kentucky Storm & Flood Victims, (August 2, 2022).

Winner Of $1.28 Billion Lottery Gets $433.7 Million After Tax, (July 30, 2022).

If Musk Settles With Twitter, Taxes Play A Part, (July 20, 2022).

Clint Eastwood Wins Suit Over Fake Advertising, IRS Wins Too, (July 18, 2022).

Aretha Franklin Estate Settles IRS Tax Claims, (July 14, 2022).

Boris Johnson’s Big Win? He Beat IRS, (July 10, 2022).

California Is Taxing Nonresidents Who Never Even Visited—Really, (July 7, 2022).

Leave U.S., Pay IRS Taxes Forever, (July 6, 2022).

Supreme Court To Rule On IRS Penalty For Non-Willful Failure To Report Foreign Accounts, (June 22, 2022).

This IRS Form 1099 Is Not Counted As ‘Income’ By IRS, (June 16, 2022).

Chrisleys Are Convicted Of Tax Evasion & Bank Fraud, Don’t Know Best, (June 7, 2022).

Johnny Depp Can Write Off Legal Fees, Amber Heard Can’t, Here’s Why, (June 6, 2022).

Tax Bill On Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Damages Could Be Particularly Ugly, (June 2, 2022).

IRS Tips From ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Tax Evasion Trial, (June 1, 2022).

In UCLA $700M Sex Abuse Settlements, IRS Should Not Share, (May 31, 2022).

Do Crypto Losses Trigger Tax Losses With IRS?, (May 19, 2022).

Court Rules IRS Is Too Late To Audit, Win For Taxpayers, (May 17, 2022).

IRS Taxes Kentucky Derby Wins, But Can You Deduct Losses?, (May 9, 2022).

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Have Tax Issues Too, (May 2, 2022).

Biden’s Scary Death & Wealth Tax Plans, (April 27, 2022).

How IRS Can Tax ‘Gifts’ and Impose Big Penalties, (April 18, 2022).

If You Hold Crypto For Someone Else, Can IRS Collect Taxes From You?, (April 5, 2022).

Will Smith Oscars Slap Could Have Tax Impact Too, (April 1, 2022).

Biden’s 20% ‘Billionaire’ Tax Hits $100M Up Taxing Unrealized Gains, (March 28, 2022).

Oscar Nominees Pay Tax On $140,000 ‘Gifts’—IRS Form 1099 Says No Gift, (March 27, 2022).

IRS Gives Crypto Tax Warning: Don’t Forget To Report, (March 20, 2022).

April 18 Is Tax Day, Extend But Don’t File Late, (March 18, 2022).

California Proposes Tax Increases Again With Wealth Tax, (March 7, 2022).

Yes, You Can Fight IRS In Court, But Which Court?, (February 22, 2022).

How To Write Off Legal Fees On Your Taxes, (February 17, 2022).

Tax Facts About IRS Form 1099, (February 14, 2022).

Jeopardy Champ Amy Schneider Faces Big Taxes On 40 Wins, (January 27, 2022).

If An IRS Form 1099 Is Wrong, How To Disagree, (January 24, 2022).

IRS Lists Top Ten Criminal Tax Cases Of 2021, (January 19, 2022).

IRS Forms 1099 Arrive With Tax Dangers Galore, (January 18, 2022).

Puerto Rico Tax Haven Is Alluring, But Are There Tax Risks?, (January 9, 2022).


IRS Extends Tax Filing Deadlines In NY, NJ, CT, PA, LA, MS, (December 23, 2021).

$8.5 Million IRS Penalty Upheld Over Timeshare Donation Tax Shelter, (December 22, 2021).

$380 Million Gymnastics Abuse Settlement, Before Taxes?, (December 21, 2021).

Bruce Springsteen Tells IRS Who’s Boss In $500M Sony Sale—Taxed As Capital Gain, (December 20, 2021).

Crypto IRS Reporting Rules Promise Tax Compliance—And Enforcement, (December 13, 2021).

Prince’s Estate Settles IRS Tax Case, (December 7, 2021).</p

Charlie Sheen Sues IRS To Cut 2 ½ Men Size Tax Bill Down To Size, (December 4, 2021).

IRS Audits: 3 Years, 6 Years Or Forever, Which Applies To You?, (December 3, 2021).

How IRS Taxes Lawsuit Settlements, (November 29, 2021).

If You Don’t Get Form 1099, Is It Taxable, Will IRS Know? (Hint: ‘If A Tree Falls In The Forest…’), (November 22, 2021).

When IRS Taxes “Loans” As Income, (November 16, 2021).

Pay Vaccine Mandate Fines, Take Tax Write-Off?, (November 15, 2021).

$450k Settlements To Undocumented Immigrants Separated At Border May Be Tax Free, (November 1, 2021).

Dear IRS: Sexual Abuse & PTSD Settlements Should Never Be Taxed, (October 24, 2021).

IRS Tax On Legal Settlements Depends On Wording, (October 19, 2021).

In Tesla’s $137M Race Verdict, Big Winner Is IRS, (October 6, 2021).

Tougher Than IRS? California Franchise Tax Board, (October 4, 2021).

More Offshore Account Prosecutions For Secret Accounts Seeking Heavy Prison Time, (September 29, 2021).

California Taxes Residents—Even Temporary Ones, (September 20, 2021).

Congress Targets $10M Qualified Small Business Stock Tax Break, (September 14, 2021).

Crypto Flash Crash Brought Tax Problems Too, (September 9, 2021).

IRS Extends Oct. 15 Tax Filing Deadline For Ida Victims In New York, New Jersey, (September 8, 2021).

Critics Sound The Alarm Ahead Of Possible Retroactive Capital Gains Tax Hike, (September 7, 2021).

College Athletes Cutting New Name Image Likeness Deals Could Be In For A Tax Shock, (August 30, 2021).

IRS Tax Lessons From Michael Jackson, (August 26, 2021).

Stolen $600M Crypto Is Returned, Can IRS Tax It?, (August 16, 2021).

IRS Tax On Sexual Abuse Victims Needs Clarification, (August 11, 2021).

Tax On U.S. Olympic Medals Makes IRS Biggest Winner, (August 10, 2021).

IRS Can Levy Penalties—Even After You’re Dead, (August 9, 2021).

Three Tax-Free Crypto Transfers, (August 2, 2021).

Mario Batali Sex Harassment Settlement: Tax On Victims, Tax Break To Batali, (July 24, 2021).

Kardashians Win $13.5M Beauty Lawsuit, IRS Collects Taxes, (July 15, 2021).

Buy Passport With Bitcoin, Escape Taxes?, (July 14, 2021).

Moving Avoids California Tax? Not So Fast, (July 12, 2021).

How Long Can IRS Or California Audit Your Taxes?, (July 7, 2021).

Recover IRA Or Pension Damages, But What About Taxes?, (June 28, 2021).

IRS Denies Tax-Free Crypto To Crypto Swaps, (June 23, 2021).

43.4% Capital Gain Tax? 10 Things To Know, (June 21, 2021).

Cheat On Your Taxes, Get IRS Penalties; Obstruct IRS, Get Jail, (June 14, 2021).

Biden Retroactively Doubles Capital Gain Tax But Keeps $10M Benefit, (June 7, 2021).

IRS Crypto Tax Risks Expand With New Reporting, (May 31, 2021).

Money Now, Taxes Later With Prepaid Forward Contracts, (May 29, 2021).

Colonial Pipeline Paid $4.4 Million In Bitcoin Ransom. Is It Tax Deductible?, (May 20, 2021).

Taxes Are Due May 17, Four Reasons To Extend To October 15, (May 10, 2021).

California Proposes 16.8% Tax Rate & Wealth Tax…Again, Time To Move?, (May 1, 2021).

Oscar Celebs Get Free Gifts Worth $205K, Pay 50% Tax, (April 25, 2021).

Tax Rules Your Lawyer Might Not Know, (April 19, 2021).

IRS Extends Tax Return Due Date From April 15 To May 17, (March 17, 2021).

IRS Tax Returns Are (Now) Due May 17, But Extensions May Reduce Audit Risk, (March 16, 2021).

How IRS Taxes Lawsuit Settlements, Sometimes Twice, (March 15, 2021).

Tax Tips From Cooperating Witness In Record $2B Tax Evasion Case, (March 8, 2021).

Client Sues CPA For Extra Tax Bill, CPA Settles, IRS Taxes Client On Settlement, Repeat, (February 23, 2021).

IRS Taxes Legal Settlements, But Some Are Capital Gain, (February 16, 2021).

Renouncing American Citizenship Hits All-Time Record, (February 7, 2021).

Your IRS Form 1099 Is Late, But Do You Really Need It For Your Taxes?, (February 4, 2021).

IRS Forms 1099 Good, Bad & Ugly For Your Taxes, (February 1, 2021).

IRS Agent Stole Identity, Forged Papers, Wire Fraud, Feds Claim, (January 31, 2021).

You’re Asked For An IRS Form W-9, What Should You Say?, (January 27, 2021).

It’s IRS 1099 Time, Beware New Gig Form 1099-NEC, (January 25, 2021).

Win $1 Billion Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot, Pay Mega Taxes, (January 22, 2021).

Does IRS Tax Legal Malpractice Settlements?, (January 19, 2021).

Patent Infringement Damages Taxed As Capital Gain With IRS?, (January 11, 2021).


Expenses With PPP Money Are Tax Deductible, Congress Reverses IRS, (December 21, 2020).

Tax Tip From Hunter Biden: Report Gifts, Income, (December 14, 2020).

Zappos’ Tony Hsieh Death With No Will Adds Fees, Public Filing, Taxes, (December 7, 2020).

With Biden Tax Plan, Should You Accept 2020 Pay Or Delay Until 2021?, (December 1, 2020).

IRS Denies PPP Tax Deductions Even If Loan Might Be Forgiven In Future, (November 19, 2020).

California Says Who Gets Taxed During Covid Work In State, (November 10, 2020).

In 2020, Record Numbers Gave Up U.S. Citizenship, (November 9, 2020).

Biden’s Tax Increase On Death That No One Is Talking About, (November 2, 2020).

Rocker Gene Simmons Kisses Off California Taxes, Should You Too?, (November 1, 2020).

Tax On Goldman Sachs $3 Billion Settlement, Taxes On $174 Million Pay Clawback?, (October 26, 2020).

IRS Tax Extension To Jan. 15 For California Wildfire Victims, (October 25, 2020).

Tax Lessons From ‘Biggest-Ever’ $2 Billion Robert Brockman Tax Evasion Case, (October 19, 2020).

Confused? FBARs Are Due 10/31 Not 10/15 Or 12/31, But Disaster Victims Have Until 12/31/20, (October 19, 2020).

Feds Extend FBAR Foreign Account Deadline To 12/31/20, One Day Later Say 10/15/20, (October 16, 2020).

Haircut Tax Write-Offs And Other Strange Ones, (October 13, 2020).

Prince’s Estate Sues IRS Over Claimed $163 Million Tax Value, (October 7, 2020).

7 IRS Tax Lessons From John McAfee’s Tax Evasion Indictment, (October 6, 2020).

With $10M Tax Break Only For C Corporations, Should Your Business Elect S?, (October 5, 2020).

IRS Taxes Most Lawsuit Settlements And Exact Wording Matters, (September 28, 2020).

Man Finds 9-Carat Diamond. IRS Finds—And Taxes—Man, (September 26, 2020).

Flee California Taxes, Fires & Prices? A Moving Checklist, (September 23, 2020).

Opportunity Zone Investing Can Cut Your Tax Bill, (September 10, 2020).

With Kentucky Derby Bets, IRS Wins Too, (September 5, 2020).

This Biden Tax Hike Will Hit Mom & Pop Hard, (August 25, 2020).

IRS Gives California Wildfire Victims Tax Extension To December 15, (August 25, 2020).

IRS Allows Electronic Tax Return Amendments, (August 24, 2020).

California Legislators Propose 0.4% Wealth Tax, Plus 16.8% Income Tax Rate, (August 17, 2020).

New Record, Americans Give Up Citizenship, Avoiding IRS Taxes Forever, (August 14, 2020).

Uber & Lyft Ordered To Treat Drivers As Employees, Are Any Contractors Independent Now?, (August 11, 2020).

IRS Denied PPP Write-Offs, Congress May Restore Tax Deductions, (August 10, 2020).

California 13.3% Tax Rate May Be Raised To 16.8%…Retroactively, (August 3, 2020).

Garmin Hack’s $10M Ransom Payment, $10M Tax Deduction, (July 27, 2020).

Plaintiff Wins Roundup Weedkiller Appeal But Faces IRS Taxes, (July 22, 2020).

Tax Return Filed With IRS, But Should You Amend It?, (July 20, 2020).

IRS Debunks Five Tax Refund Myths, (July 16, 2020).

IRS Respects Do-Over, Unwound Transaction Has No Tax Impact, (July 14, 2020).

Aggressive On Taxes? Disclosing On Your Return Helps With IRS, (July 13, 2020).

IRS Wants Receipts? This Tax Case Says They Are Optional, (June 29, 2020).

Marijuana Dispensaries Lose IRS Tax Fight Over FedEx Delivery, (June 23, 2020).

Tax Deductions For Paycheck Protection Expenses Remain In Doubt, (June 15, 2020).

IRS Tax Deadline Is July 15, Extend To October To Cut Audit Risk?, (June 9, 2020).

IRS Says You Can Amend Your Taxes Electronically, But Should You?, (June 1, 2020).

House Passes Bill Expanding Paycheck Protection Program 8 To 24 Weeks, Cuts 75% Rule, (May 28, 2020).

IRS Taxes Most Loan Forgiveness, Be Careful With Exceptions, (May 27, 2020).

Shelter In Place In California, Pay California Tax?, (May 19, 2020).

3 Virus-Related Tax Credits IRS Pays In Cash Long Before Tax Time, (May 11, 2020).

Congress Could Reverse IRS Denial Of Tax Deductions For Paycheck Protection Expenses, (May 2, 2020).

IRS Denies Tax Deductions For Wages, Rent Paid With Forgivable PPP Loans, (April 30, 2020).

IRS Eases Tax Enforcement During Virus Shutdown, (April 20, 2020).

IRS Allows Wide Use Of Net Operating Losses, Even Tax Refunds, (April 13, 2020).

FAQs On Paycheck Protection Loans, (April 9, 2020).

Forgivable Paycheck Loan Or Tax Credit: You Can’t Claim Both, Which Is Better?, (April 6, 2020).

Claiming CARES Act Tax Credits To Keep Employees, (April 2, 2020).

IRS Explains Coronavirus Tax Credit Details, Including Advances, (April 1, 2020).

Stimulus Check FAQs, (March 31, 2020).

IRS Gives Stimulus Check Distribution Details, Says Payments To Begin Within Three Weeks, (March 30, 2020).

12 IRS (Non-Stimulus) Tax Rules You’ll Need This Year, (March 30, 2020).

IRS Eases Installments Due, Slows Audits, Sweeping Relief Puts People First, (March 25, 2020).

Dear IRS, My Tax Mistake Was Not Willful, No Penalty?, (March 10, 2020).

Dear IRS, Uber Or Whoever: My Form 1099 Is Wrong, Way Wrong, (March 4, 2020).

IRS Gives Big Tax Reporting Break To Foreign Trusts, (March 3, 2020).

When IRS Asks About Cryptocurrency On Your Taxes, Answer Carefully, (February 28, 2020).

Sign IRS Tax Returns Under Penalty Of Perjury, Don’t Take It Lightly, (February 24, 2020).

IRS Tax On Legal Settlements And Legal Fees, (February 19, 2020).

Real Oscar Winner: IRS, Collecting Tax On Each $225,000 ‘Gift’ Bag, (February 8, 2020).

Goodbye California & High Taxes! Hello Residency Audit?, (February 4, 2020).

IRS Intensifies Hunt For Crypto Tax Cheats, (January 29, 2020).

Late IRS Form 1099? Don’t Request It, Here’s Why, (January 27, 2020).

Legal Funding Impacts Taxes, On Funding & Later Settlement, (January 22, 2020).

PG&E Gets $470 Million Tax Deduction For Fire Settlements, (January 21, 2020).

IRS Forms 1099 Are Coming, Key Facts For Your Taxes, (January 13, 2020).


New Year Resolutions…About Your Taxes, (December 29, 2019).

Holiday Gifts As Tax Write-Offs, (December 18, 2019).

5 Unsettling California Tax Rules, (December 12, 2019).

With PG&E $13.5 Billion Fire Settlement, How Much Is Left After Taxes?, (December 10, 2019).

Don’t Pay Me Until January…And Don’t Tell IRS, Here’s Why, (December 6, 2019).

Leave California, Keep Paying California Taxes…Really, (December 3, 2019).

Harvard Law Professor Skips Decade Of Filing Taxes—Key Lessons In IRS Response, (November 25, 2019).

Slash IRS Penalties By ‘Opting Out’, (November 21, 2019).

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The Church Of Kanye And The IRS, (November 14, 2019).

Quid Pro Quo? Actually, IRS Cares Too, (November 13, 2019).

Facing 50 Years, Can Lori Loughlin & Other Admissions Scandal Defendants Write Off Legal Fees?, (November 11, 2019).

Tax Lessons From Trump’s NY to Florida Move…For Californians, (November 4, 2019).

Sue PG&E For Power Shutoffs, Better Think Taxes, (October 26, 2019).

Now, California Can Assess Taxes No Matter Where You Live…Really, (October 22, 2019).

IRS Issues New Guidance On Virtual Currency, (October 9, 2019).

IRS Audit Period Is 3 Years, 6 Years Or Forever: How To Cut Your Risk, (October 8, 2019).

With Chrisley Criminal Tax Charges, Prosecutors May Know Best, (October 3, 2019).

CA Gov. Newsom Signs Law, Makes Gig Workers Employees, (September 19, 2019).

Big Opioid Settlements, Big Tax Write Offs. Any Questions?, (September 14, 2019).

It’s Not Just Uber, California Bill Could Transform Tricky Tax And Legal Rules On Independent Contractors, (September 12, 2019).

Despite Sweeping California Gig Worker Law, Uber Says It Won’t Treat Drivers As Employees, (September 11, 2019).

Move To Puerto Rico, Slash Your Taxes To Zero? Not Exactly, (September 9, 2019).

Chrisley Knows Best Tax Lessons, (September 3, 2019).

Here’s A $10M Tax Question: C or S Corporation?, (August 29, 2019).

Serve On Nonprofit Board, Face Tax Liability?, (August 22, 2019).

IRS Says Some Business Expenses Are Personal, (August 19, 2019).

Will IRS Approve Your Taxes In Advance? Sometimes, Yes, (August 5, 2019).

1031 Exchanges Save IRS & State Taxes, Even Leaving California, (August 1, 2019).

10,000 IRS Letters Hunt Crypto Use: Even If You Don’t Receive One, Here’s What To Do, (July 27, 2019).

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Tax Protester, (July 24, 2019).

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Loophole Allows Tax-Free Bitcoin Exchanges Into 2018, (December 28, 2017).

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United Settles With Passenger Dragged Off Plane, But Can IRS Tax It?, (April 28, 2017).

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Trump Tax Returns Are Still No Holy Grail, (April 18, 2017).

Lois Lerner, Former IRS Official, Remains Relevant On Tax Day, (April 18, 2017).

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Tax Time Travel Ban: IRS Can Take Your Passport, (April 12, 2017).

More Wells Fargo Pay Clawbacks Over Fake Accounts Bring Tax Pain, (April 11, 2017).

IRS Unleashes Private Collection Agencies To Chase Tax Debts, (April 10, 2017).

Jersey Shore’s Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Indicted On More Tax Evasion Charges, (April 7, 2017).

Cut IRS Audit Risk, Extend April 18 Tax Deadline To October 16, (April 6, 2017).

91% Of IRS Seizures For ‘Structuring’ Involve Lawful Taxpayers, (April 5, 2017).

Trump Donates Presidential Pay, Reminding Us IRS Rules Apply To Everyone, (April 4, 2017).

IRS Polices What Is Tax Planning Or Tax Evasion, (April 3, 2017).

Trump University Settlement Nets $25M Write-Off For Trump, Taxes For Students, (April 3, 2017).

With IRS, Ask Forgiveness Not Permission, (March 29, 2017).

Shorten IRS Tax Audit Disputes Through New Program, (March 27, 2017).

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Despite Trump Tax Returns, He Is Right To Repeal AMT, (March 17, 2017).

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Filing Your Taxes Is Not Self-Incrimination, Rules Court, (March 9, 2017).

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Despite Tax Risks, ‘Pay Me Next Year’ Requests Are Big This Year-End, (December 28, 2016).

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20 Plant Workers’ $420 Million Powerball Win Cleverly Misses Tax Mess, (December 1, 2016).

Court Allows IRS John Doe Summons For Bitcoin, Other Virtual Currencies, (November 30, 2016).

For 3.8% Trump Tax Cut, Push 2016 Payments To 2017, (November 30, 2016).

Trump Will Repeal Obamacare 40% Cadillac Tax, Other Taxes Too, (November 28, 2016).

Yes Dilbert, Trump Could Finally Kill The Death Tax, (November 23, 2016).

As Trump Tax Cuts Emerge, High 13.3% California Tax Spells Exodus, (November 21, 2016).

Trump Gets $25 Million Tax Write-Off For Trump University Settlement, (November 18, 2016).

Trump Tax Cuts Trigger ‘Pay Me In 2017’ Requests, But IRS May Disagree, (November 16, 2016).

13 IRS Tax Rules Trump Tax Plan Won’t Change, (November 14, 2016).

Trump Tax Plan Could Impact 2016 Year-End Planning, (November 14, 2016).

Freedom Law School Tax Evader Gets Prison Sentence, (November 11, 2016).

More Americans Are Renouncing Citizenship, But Not Over President Trump, (November 11, 2016).

If IRS Labels You Willful Expect Penalties, Maybe Prosecution, (November 8, 2016).

IRS Forms 1099 Are Critical, And Due Early In 2017, (November 7, 2016).

Leaving U.S. Over Election? Hiding Assets On Exit Is Criminal, Draws $100 Million Fine, (November 5, 2016).

Hulk Hogan Settles $140 Million Gawker Verdict For $31 Million, IRS Collects Big, (November 3, 2016).

Donald Trump Got An (Amazing) Tax Opinion, When Should You?, (November 2, 2016).

California Tax Hike On Ballot, But Some Voters Vote With Their Feet, (October 31, 2016).

World Series Tickets Are Costly, But Tax Write-Offs Can Help, (October 26, 2016).

Strip Club Owners Sentenced To Prison Based On IRS Undercover Operation, (October 26, 2016).

IRS Offshore Account Collections Top $10 Billion, FATCA Hunt Continues, (October 24, 2016).

To Fight California Tax Bills, Procedure Counts, (October 20, 2016).

Beware More FBAR And FATCA Reporting Changes, (October 19, 2016).

IRS Can Audit 3 Or 6 Years, But California Can Audit Forever, (October 18, 2016).

Hillary Clinton’s 65% Estate Tax Plan Overshadows Child Care Credit, (October 17, 2016).

Surprisingly, IRS Can Collect Someone Else’s Taxes From You, (October 17, 2016).

Actor John Malkovich Wins Libel Suit Over False Tax Story, As FATCA Disclosures Continue, (October 10, 2016).

Genius: Trump’s $916 Million Tax Loss Lasts 20 Years, Yet IRS Audit Period Is Only 3, (October 5, 2016).

Do Wealthy People Like Trump Have Easier IRS Audits?, (October 4, 2016).

Party Like Wells Fargo, But What Happens Tax-Wise If You Forfeit Pay?, (September 29, 2016).

Trump Diverted Money To His Foundation, Says Report; You Mean Like Clinton Foundation?, (September 27, 2016).

Clinton Claims Trump Tax Returns May Reveal Russian Ties, (September 26, 2016).

Even ‘Never Trump’ Camp Eyes Clinton’s 65% Tax Rate, (September 26, 2016).

Hillary Clinton Vows 65% Estate Tax To Donald Trump’s Repeal, (September 23, 2016).

Wells Fargo Exec Pay Clawbacks Could Hurt Like Fake Accounts, (September 21, 2016).

EpiPen Executive Pay Skyrocketed Too; Should It Be Tax Deductible?, (September 19, 2016).

Dear Clinton Foundation: If A Charity Enriches Its Founders, Is It Still A Charity?, (September 13, 2016).

IRS Slaps Nelly With $2.4M Tax Lien, (September 12, 2016).

Real Basket Of Deplorables? Hillary Clinton Tax Hikes, (September 12, 2016).

Forget Trump’s Presidential Tax Returns, (September 8, 2016).

Deducting ‘Access Hillary’ Donations To Clinton Foundation, (September 6, 2016).

Taxing Mark Zuckerberg’s Non-Charity Charity, (September 6, 2016).

Yes, IRS Can Take Your Passport, Unless You Contest Taxes Due, (August 31, 2016).

What Donald Trump’s Tax Returns Won’t Tell Us, But Hillary Clinton’s Do, (August 30, 2016).

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Clinton Foundation’s Alleged Pay To Play Or Its Private Benefits: Which Hurts Hillary More?, (August 23, 2016).

Real Housewives Get Real Tax Liens, As IRS Moves To Collect, (August 22, 2016).

Moving To Canada After The Presidential Election? Be Careful With Taxes, (August 22, 2016).

Will Apple’s ‘I’ll Pay Tax If Its Fair’ Excuse Help You With IRS?, (August 19, 2016).

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Prediction: Clinton Foundation Will Pass IRS Investigation Just Fine, (August 15, 2016).

IRS Employee Gets 9 Years In Prison For Stealing Taxpayer Identities, (August 15, 2016).

Black Lives Matter Targets The Tax Code, (August 13, 2016).

Trump’s Tax Returns And The IRS Statute Of Limitations, (August 11, 2016).

Catholic Priest Guilty Of Tax Evasion Shows IRS Interview Risks, (August 10, 2016).

Clinton Vows Estate Tax Hikes, While Trump Vows Repeal, (August 9, 2016).

Don’t Ignore The IRS Like Facebook, Here’s Why, (August 8, 2016).

WikiLeaks Won’t Hack Trump Taxes After All, But Would Trump Sell Them?, (August 6, 2016).

Obama Denies $400M To Iran Was Ransom. IRS Would Never Believe It, (August 5, 2016).

How Much Is $100 Worth State-By-State?, (August 5, 2016).

IRS Taxes Rio Olympic Medals Despite Zika, But Not For Long, (August 4, 2016).

Trump Offers Signed ‘Art Of Deal’ Books For Campaign Contributions, (August 3, 2016).

Trump Tax Returns Are No Holy Grail, (August 2, 2016).

Iggy Azalea Hit With IRS Tax Lien, Again, (August 1, 2016).

Hillary’s Trillion Dollar IRS Tax Hikes Will Hit Your Wallet, (August 1, 2016).

New York Art Consultant Indicted For Tax Crimes Over Offshore Accounts, (July 29, 2016).

Trump Won’t Release His Taxes, Even If Dems Call Him Trumpsky, (July 28, 2016).

Hillary Speeches For Trump Tax Returns. Change Maker For Deal Maker, Deal?, (July 27, 2016).

Dem Party Platform Vows Cadillac Tax Repeal, GOP Agrees. Must All Obamacare Go?, (July 25, 2016).

Hillary And Tim Kaine Demand Trump’s Tax Returns. Why Should Trump Comply?, (July 25, 2016).

IRS Announces Tax Relief For California Gas Leak Victims, (July 22, 2016).

IRS Taxes Sale Of Pokémon GO Accounts, (July 19, 2016).

Dear IRS, I’ll Take The Hillary Defense, (July 19, 2016).

Are Insurance Bad Faith Settlements Taxable To IRS?, (July 18, 2016).

Pokémon GO Taxes Are Coming — In Fact, They’re Already Here, (July 16, 2016).

Calling Cadillac Tax A Lemon, Congress Moves To Repeal Core Of Obamacare, (July 15, 2016).

Man Offers $5 Million For Trump Tax Returns, (July 13, 2016).

With Endorsement, Will Bernie’s Wife Prepare Hillary’s Taxes?, (July 13, 2016).

Transgender Discrimination Suit In Video Gaming Raises Tax Issues, (July 12, 2016).

On UFC $4 Billion Sale, IRS Is Big Winner, (July 11, 2016).

Careful, That Unclaimed Winning $540M Lottery Ticket Could Be Dangerous, (July 11, 2016).

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Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Indicted Over $3.5 Million Cash Payments, (May 28, 2015).

FIFA Charges Showcase FBAR Penalties, Turbocharging Prison Time, (May 28, 2015).

Man Gets Prison For Inventing His Own Church, And It’s Not Scientology, (May 28, 2015).

Cash Is Legal, But Be Careful, IRS May Think You’re A Crook, (May 27, 2015).

Cut Health Coverage Or Send Obamacare Cadillac Tax To Junkyard?, (May 27, 2015).

Florida Says Uber Drivers Are Employees, But FedEx, Other Cases Promise Long Battle, (May 26, 2015).

Why Aren’t Those $26.4M Speech Fees Taxable To Bill & Hillary Clinton?, (May 26, 2015).

Switzerland Publishes Tax Evader List, (May 26, 2015).

IRS Oversees Taxes And Obamacare. Now Warren Buffett Wants IRS In Welfare Too, (May 24, 2015).

As Jackpot Hits $214 Million, Winning The Lottery Where It’s Tax Exempt, (May 23, 2015).

Hillary Clinton Should Head IRS, Skilled With Charities, Transparency, Emails!, (May 21, 2015).

Appalling $187 Million Cancer Charity Fraud Case Settles — When 97% Of Money Isn’t For Charity, (May 21, 2015).

John Malkovich Sues Over Swiss Account Allegations, (May 20, 2015).

Woman Billed $1,000 For Credit Card Error Gets $83 Million Verdict, But IRS Gets Last Laugh, (May 20, 2015).

Apple Samsung Verdict Reversed, But How About Taxes?, (May 19, 2015).

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Feds Propose 50% Marijuana Tax — As A Tax Cut, (May 11, 2015).

New Un-American Record: Renouncing U.S. Citizenship, (May 7, 2015).

61% Of IRS Employees Caught Willfully Violating Tax Law Aren’t Fired, May Get Promoted, (May 7, 2015).

You Can Write Off Reasonable Lawyer’s Fees, But How About $1,335 An Hour?, (May 6, 2015).

IRS Is Sued For Investigating Churches, (May 5, 2015).

Bobby Jindal Won’t Shoot Down Duck Dynasty Tax Breaks, (May 5, 2015).

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Al Sharpton Gets Physical With Fox News, But Not Over Taxes, (May 1, 2015).

Pro Athlete ‘Jock Tax’ Is Struck Down, (May 1, 2015).

IRS $20 Million Response To Latest Pile of Lois Lerner Emails Is Worrisome, (April 30, 2015).

Pamela Anderson Divorces Rick Saloman Again, Gets $1M Settlement, (April 30, 2015).

At Pacquiao Mayweather Fight, God And The IRS Have A Stake Too, (April 29, 2015).

IRS Approved Clinton Foundation And Scientology, But Targeted Tea Party, (April 29, 2015).

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Netanyahu To Release Palestinian Tax Money, (March 27, 2015).

Native American Tribe — With Tax Exempt Casinos — Has Nation’s First Junk Food Tax, (March 27, 2015).

Chris Christie Says Marijuana Taxes Are Blood Money. Is He Right?, (March 27, 2015).

NY Tax Preparer Indicted On 31 Tax Counts Could Face 3 Years Prison — For Each, (March 26, 2015).

House Considers Bill To Stop IRS Targeting, Fire IRS Employees Who Do, (March 26, 2015).

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Ted Cruz, Candidate/Canadian & London’s Yank Mayor Showcase Exit Rules, (March 24, 2015).

Gibraltar — A Tax Haven — Sues ABC For Calling It A Tax Haven, (March 23, 2015).

Native American Tribes Eye Marijuana Business — With Their Tax-Free Gaming Advantage, (March 23, 2015).

Report Says Former IRS Employees — Think Lois Lerner — Can Still Peruse Your Tax Returns, (March 23, 2015).

Poker Chip Company CEO Guilty Of Tax Evasion, Paid Cash, Now Faces 10 Years, (March 21, 2015).

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Dear IRS, I’m Moving To Mali Where You Pick Your Own Tax Rate. Let’s See, 3% Or 30%?, (March 18, 2015).

#1 Tax Lady Indicted For Tax Fraud Faces 25 Counts, 5 Years In Prison — Each, (March 17, 2015).

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Fake IRS Agent Scam Targets Public, Even Feds, While Identity Theft Tax Fraud Is Rampant, (March 13, 2015).

Commerzbank Pays $1.45 Billion To Settle U.S. Criminal Case, Defer Prosecution, (March 12, 2015).

Former NFL Player & 2 Others Get Jail & $35M Restitution For Tax Break Scheme, (March 12, 2015).

Give Up Citizenship, Keep Your Passport, (March 11, 2015).

Feds Launch Internet Sales Tax Again, So Better Click While You Can, (March 11, 2015).

Pharrell Williams, Robin Thicke Lose $7.4M Verdict For Marvin Gaye Song Theft — Before Taxes, (March 11, 2015).

Wesley Snipes Lands NBC Show Endgame. Why His IRS Endgame Failed, (March 10, 2015).

As Hillary Faces Emailgate, Ex IRS Chief Runs For President, (March 9, 2015).

Tax Refunds To Illegals Under Obama Immigration Action Would Be Stopped By Bill, (March 9, 2015).

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First Win Lottery, Then Defend Suits By Ticket Sellers, Co-Workers, Relatives, (March 7, 2015).

Undercover Tourist Tax Spies In Greece, Then Private Bounty Hunters For IRS, (March 7, 2015).

Queen Of Tax Fraud Gets 21 Year Prison Term — For The Second Time, (March 6, 2015).

First, Let’s Kill All The Tax Lawyers, (March 5, 2015).

JP Morgan Chase Settles Robo-Signing Charges For $50 Million, Tax Deductible, (March 5, 2015).

Despite FATCA, U.S. Companies Stash $2.1 Trillion Abroad — Untaxed, (March 5, 2015).

Obama Eyes More Tax Hikes — By Executive Action, (March 3, 2015).

Obama Immigration Fix: 4M Illegals Who Never Paid U.S. Tax, Get 3 Years Of Tax Refunds, (March 3, 2015).

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Free Speech Is Fundamental, Yet Tax Protesters Get Penalties Or Jail, (October 22, 2014).

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Patent Boxes Come To Ireland & UK, Why Not U.S.?, (October 16, 2014).

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