Legal Assistants have an increasingly important role in the delivery of legal services and in law firm management. They assist attorneys with a variety of tasks including document review, analysis and organization, and factual and legal research. They also help with drafting and editing documents, pleadings and agreements, as well as preparing legal forms and correspondence.

Apart from these traditional roles, at Wood LLP our Legal Assistants also undertake a key role in the voluminous editorial work that is necessary in the many publications and articles the firm and its attorneys author or oversee.

Finally, our Legal Assistants are responsible for the administration of office operations including managing client data and client files, developing guidelines and procedures for office operations, generating management reports and financial analysis, and assisting in developing training programs.

Our Legal Assistants have strong educational backgrounds but diverse academic and vocational interests and experience. Regardless of background or training, they share excellent oral and written communication skills, strong analytical abilities, and a keen intellectual interest, making them well-suited for the diversity and depth of our tax practice.

Executive Legal Assistant
Mina Schultz

Legal Assistants
Noah S. Geller