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    Joseph Greenspan graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Philosophy. Within his economics major, Joseph focused heavily on international finance, trade, and global markets. He added a philosophy major in his junior year, during which he concentrated on the history of modern philosophy and the connection between ethics and economics.

    During his undergraduate career, Joseph was primarily interested in the incentive structures that drive transactions in the global market. He was able to take a variety of multidisciplinary classes that bridged the gap between efficiency and the ethical framework of market participants. He wrote several papers on the subprime mortgage collapse concerning the systematic failure of banks, lending institutions and regulatory agencies which culminated in the Great Recession.

    While at Georgetown, Joseph rowed for the crew team and was a member of the club basketball and tennis teams. In addition, he was an affiliate of Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity and was a member of Georgetown’s chess club. Over his collegiate summers, Joseph worked in marketing and finance internships.

    Prior to joining Wood LLP, Joseph worked full time as an equity trader for a boutique bank. His primary function was to assist senior traders in providing liquidity to institutional accounts. In this role, he refined his analytical, communication and time management skills, important assets for his work at Wood LLP.

    At Wood LLP, Joseph assists attorneys in many of the firm’s practice areas. He provides assistance in factual research, copy editing and cite checking, publication and client-related document management, court filings and factual analysis.



    Georgetown University, B.A., Economics, B.A., Philosophy, 2016